by Shannon Nelson
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Unique Canvases

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My name is Shannon Nelson. If you have an inquiry,  please contact me at

Unique Canvases

Title: Barnwood Art
Caption: Acrylic on Barnwood

Title: Barnwood Art
Caption: Acrylic on Barnwood

Title: In the Vineyard
Caption: SOLD- Painted Red Wood / grapevines on rough cut lumber

Title: Shifting Sails
Caption: 4' x 4.5' Acrylic paint on 1973 Sail

Title: Bag Toss Game

Title: Wrath of a Tornado - SOLD
Caption: Oil on 26" sawblade

Title: Snow Family

Title: South Carolina Flag
Caption: handpainted on palm bark

Title: Four Seasons
Caption: Chalkboard

Title: Disney Toybox - SOLD
Caption: Acrylic and Oil

Title: Senior Souvenir
Caption: Oil on Baseball

Title: Hamster Wheel- SOLD
Caption: Hamster painted on wooden pulley

Caption: Hand Painted Mail Box

Title: Grandslam!
Caption: acrylic on leather

Title: 1914 Willy's
Caption: Acrylic

Title: Dresser
Caption: Acrylic

Title: Blanket Chest
Caption: Arcrylic