by Shannon Nelson
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Wall Murals

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My name is Shannon Nelson. If there is an idea you'd like to pursue, please contact me at

Wall Murals

Title: Vietnam Memorial
Caption: Painted at Wexford Museum

Title: Monkeying around
Caption: Acrylic on wall

Title: Porch Mural
Caption: acrylic on door and wall mural

Title: red barn
Caption: latex paint on wall

Title: Coppertone Dont be a Paleface
Caption: Acrylic on Cement board 4'x8'

Title: Rippin' Tiger
Caption: Acrylic on industrial wallpaper canvas. Size-> 4.5' x 3.5'

Title: harmoony's Earth Water Airfire
Caption: 4'x 6'

Title: Hideaway
Caption: 4'x7' $1000

Title: Michael's Goal
Caption: Acrylic wallpaper canvas

Title: Princess Juliana

Title: Eagle Lover
Caption: 4'x6' (eagle) $600

Title: Grapes part 1
Caption: Acrylic Grapes through kitchen $100

Title: Moose & Paddles
Caption: Acrylic moose & paddles above 3 windows $70

Title: Daffy
Caption: Acrylic

Title: Animate Nature Mural
Caption: 12' x 8' $3000

Title: Faux Marble
Caption: Latex Paint