by Shannon Nelson
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Acrylic & Oil Paintings

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Please note that the actual paintings are much nicer in person than the pictures of them. Also the color on your monitor may be a little different than the actual paintings as well. The colors may be brighter, more brilliant, or even a little darker and sharper. 

My name is Shannon Nelson. If you have questions or ideas you'd like to pursue, please contact me at

Acrylic & Oil Paintings

Title: Snowy Winter Night, Cadillac Sid
Caption: 12x24 acrylic (canvas print available)

Caption: 11x14 acrylic (canvas prints available)

Title: Cadillac Water Fountain
Caption: 16x20 Acrylic (canvas print available)

Title: Blue Heron
Caption: 12x12 $150

Title: Life Learning Dance
Caption: 16x20 Acrylic (print available)

Title: Farm Fields II
Caption: impressionistic series (print available)

Title: Farm Fields I
Caption: 12x12 print available

Title: DownTown Cadillac
Caption: impressionistic series (canvas print available)

Title: Wine Palette
Caption: thick texture acrylic, prints available

Title: Mud Bug
Caption: Acrylic Painting 11x14

Title: Marilyn
Caption: 16 x 20 acrylic metallic finish

Title: Alaska's Beauty
Caption: Acrylic on Barn Wood

Title: Family Dogs
Caption: Acrylic on Glass

Title: Willie's Haydayz
Caption: Acrylic on Canvas paper

Title: Wine Scents - Bowers Harbor Vine
Caption: 12 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas

Title: "A Ray of Sunshine"
Caption: 11x14 acrylic on canvas

Title: Reserve
Caption: Acrylic on Board 16x20

Title: "Big Old Tree"
Caption: Acrylic on Canvas (prints available)

Title: Spring Hungry
Caption: Painted on Glass

Title: Harbor View Cellar
Caption: Acrylic on Board 22x24

Title: Flowers in the Meadow
Caption: Custom Poitrait Oil Painting 16x20 Gallery Wrap Canvas

Title: Autumn Stroll
Caption: Oil on Canvas 16x20

Title: Generations For Call Of Duty
Caption: Father and Son Military Pictures

Title: Unseasoned Company
Caption: Oil Painting

Title: Cheese
Caption: Owner request blue hat, frame free canvas, 3 angle view

Title: Expired 1
Caption: Acrylic paint on a cupboard door

Title: Hunter's Trophy
Caption: Acrylic cupboard- find 5 deer and a snow owl

Title: Expired 2
Caption: Acrylic paint on a cupboard door

Title: Cathedral Falls
Caption: Oil Painting

Title: Buddy In Need

Title: Lets Go Flying
Caption: Watercolor

Title: Cadillac City "Lights"
Caption: watercolor submitted for Art Festival received Mayor's Award/1st

Title: Cadillac Grill / Eldorado Golf
Caption: Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Title: Metro Beach Breeze
Caption: I took this picture and felt I had to paint it. - Oil

Title: Homestead
Caption: Oil on Window Pane (home owners in clouds)

Title: Drifting to Dusk
Caption: Oil Painting

Title: Woodsy Watermill
Caption: Oil Painting