by Shannon Nelson
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Graphite Pencil

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The Sketch titled Brix is a portrait of the winery dog at Bowers Harbor Vineyards. They hired me to draw this for their new wine titled Brix. You may purchase and view the label here

My name is Shannon Nelson. If you have an idea or questions please contact me at

Graphite Pencil

Title: Family Angel
Caption: 18x24 pencil sketch

Title: Three Precious Moments

Title: Grandchildren at Play

Title: A Man's Best Friend

Title: Kellers
Caption: Pencil Sketch- 11x14

Title: Brix
Caption: graphite on paper

Title: Grandkids

Title: Precious Wonders
Caption: 14x17 pencil

Title: 2010 Grad
Caption: 8x10 Pencil Sketch

Title: Happy Family
Caption: Graphite sketch on 18"x22" paper

Title: In Memory of Alex
Caption: 11x14 Sketch

Title: Milings
Caption: Pencil Sketch- 11x14

Title: Mom's Senior Picture
Caption: Forever Young

Title: Charlie's / Kevin
Caption: Sketch

Title: Soulmates

Title: Generating Life
Caption: great-grandpa and great grandson picture combo

Title: Love for a Lifetime
Caption: pencil

Title: Reserved

Title: Precious Moments
Caption: Pencil Sketch

Title: Cherish

Title: Furkids
Caption: 16x20 Graphite

Title: Anyone Know Keith Urban
Caption: This one has been autographed by every band member but Keith!

Title: Soul Mate
Caption: Pencil Sketch

Title: RugRats

Title: Weekend Escape
Caption: Pencil Sketch

Title: My Big Sister and Me
Caption: Pencil Sketch

Title: Patriotic Harley Lover
Caption: Eagle was painted as a wall mural, the owner had me draw it too.