by Shannon Nelson
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"Very good work. I was a sign painter at one time in my life. And believe me you are Goooood. I wish you lots of luck!"    



"You are one talented young lady! Keep up the great work! God has truly blessed you with a wonderful talent!"   

Carol Hurd, Ohio


"Your work is absolutely amazing!!!  We really enjoyed looking at how beautiful and creative every piece is.  I know I appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. So, just wanted to say "Good Job"!!   Take care and have a great day!"

Betsi Vincent


"I am still amazed and impressed by your imagination, creativity, and quality of work (do you really refer to it as "work"?).?.just wanted you to know that I continue to support my favorite artist!"

 "...just wanted to give a very happy feedback on how your excellent picture was received by my wife on her birthday today! She is absolutely thrilled and loves it! Of course I love it as well :-) Thanks so much for the efforts you put into this - and obviously your movie was another great surprise! The picture will get a special place in our house!"
All the best,
Guido (Germany)
 "Shannon, you are an amazing artist seriously. Feel free to put the pictures up on your site if you want to use them to show off your talent. I knew you were good but I recognized Squirt, Roo, and Piglet immediately and we are talking about critters that looked so similar to most people. Amazing!"